Dr. Nancy Grady

Nancy Grady, PhD, is a Chief Data Scientist and Solutions Architect at SAIC in the Cyber Operations practice, with 35 years of experience specializing in the application of machine learning techniques for data and text analytics systems. She leads the development of gray/red cyberspace intelligence solutions, and merging cyber and electromagnetic domains for situational awareness.

Grady joined SAIC in 2002 to work on text analytics for patent search, and then was analytics lead for the startup of the CDC BioSense System. She then led the analytics development in the DHS National Biosurveillance Integration System. She has led a number of SAIC’s Internal Research and Development (IR&D) projects to develop cyber analytics, big data analytics applications, event situational awareness from open source text, and modeling geospatial outbreak detection. She created SAIC’s Data Science EdgeTM process methodology for big data analytics. Dr. Grady was the lead editor for the ISO standard 20546 “Information Technology – Big Data – Overview and Vocabulary”, and for the NIST SP 1500-1 and 1500-2 (Big Data Definitions and Taxonomy) standards. She is a member of the ISO/IEC SC42 Artificial Intelligence international standards committee, and serves on the IEEE Big Data Conference Industrial Track Program Committee.

Prior to joining SAIC, Dr. Grady was a Wigner Fellow and then physics researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory doing mathematical modeling of materials. She has a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Virginia and a dual major at the University of Tennessee in Physics and Honors Math. She has a great husband and daughter, and loves bicycling, photography, and travel.